The Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter: A Guide for Homeowners

Having a clean and efficient air filter is essential for maintaining a healthy home. Clogged filters can't work efficiently, leading to a variety of health problems. The purpose of an air filter is to protect the air from dust particles and contaminants, so when they become clogged, these contaminants can easily return to the air you breathe. It's important to change your air filter regularly to ensure that your home's air is clean and healthy, and to save energy in the long run.

If your air purifier doesn't have built-in indicators that tell you when it's time to replace the filter, there are certain scenarios that can tell you it's time for a new one. Air filters usually have a cardboard frame and are inserted into the air conditioning system to protect it from dust and other particles. When filters become clogged, they reduce airflow, which can cause the evaporator coils to freeze. Not changing your HVAC filter can lead to wear and tear on the system, so it's important to replace them regularly. Constellation customers can get their first air filter for free when they order through Second Nature.

This will help create proper airflow and ensure that hot or cold air reaches where it needs to go. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using air filters with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating between 7 and 13 for eliminating airborne particles that cause health problems. These filters capture and collect airborne particulates before they enter the system. Regularly changing your air conditioner filter not only helps improve the quality of your home's air, but it can also save you money in the long run. When filters become clogged, components must work harder and longer to circulate air in your home. It's recommended to carry out monthly inspections of the filters so that they can be replaced as needed.

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