Do You Need to Oil a New Air Filter? A Comprehensive Guide

Remember to apply plenty of oil to the filter. The purpose of the oil is to prevent dirt and debris from passing through it. Not using enough oil is counterproductive to the filter's work. If you are really in a hurry, you can use regular engine oil in the air filter.

If you're old school, you've probably done it on many occasions. The problem is that engine oil accumulates in the air chamber, is distributed unevenly and can be sucked through the intake pipe. The air filter oil has special additives mixed with the oil to solve these problems. If you store filter oil for more than a day or two, always store it in a metal container, as sealed plastic buckets are too porous. After removing the petroleum-based oil, the filter is still dirty and should be washed with soap and water.

Oiled foam and cloth filters are used on dirt bikes and other off-road applications, instead of the paper filters usually found in car and household air filters, because they have the ability to retain a lot of dirt and keep air flowing. The recommended application method for most foam filter oils is to completely saturate the foam and gently squeeze out the excess. DT1 compared the performance and additional cost of adding an additional layer of fireproof foam to its filter (as other companies do) with fireproof oil, and chose the latter. Some filter oils come in the form of a spray that can be applied at the push of a button, but be careful not to try to improve their performance with a light coating. The DT1 has performed tests that have demonstrated a total increase in power by minimizing the amount of oil in the filter.

To complement its line of air filters, Airaid has recently launched its new Synthamax oil-free filter with the same iconic red filter material. MXA has used almost every brand of filter oils, from Maxima's super sticky synthetic base FFT oil to No-Toil's 100% vegetable oil. While some companies recommend not pre-greasing or storing filters, most companies say it's OK to pre-grease and store the filters in a sealed bag, as long as there are some holes for the alcohol to evaporate. Instead of abandoning the cotton gauze and oiled air filters that made the reusable air filter business famous, Airaid has decided to include both in its aftermarket air intake systems. Airaid recommends using classic oiled air filters, as they keep the engine completely clean in the long term. Airaid recommends using classic oil air filters.

Twin Air states that its tests show, among other things, that a well-oiled filter allows more air to flow than a completely dry one and traps more dirt than a filter that is too greased. Synthamax air filters, thanks to their unique filtration media, can be slightly more durable when washed. In conclusion, it is important to remember that applying enough oil to your new air filter is essential for optimal performance. It is also important to use an appropriate type of oil for your specific application. Pre-greasing and storing your air filter can also help extend its life span.

Finally, if you are using an off-road vehicle or dirt bike, consider using an oiled foam or cloth filter instead of a paper one.

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