Identifying the Type of Filter You Have

When it comes to identifying the type of filter you have, the dimensions of the filter can be a great starting point. The filter model is usually marked on the manufacturer's label by the manufacturer or installer when it is first placed. If the filter shows the sizes of the models but there is no brand, you can use the dimensions of the filter to reduce your possibilities. If you have an AFe POWER air filter in your original air box, you may need to take it apart to identify it.

The part number is located on the opening of the flange that forms a small circle on the conical filters. On a rectangular filter, the part number is located on the side. Once you have located the number, type it into the search box on the AFe POWER website. Read the label to see if it is NSF certified.

If so, you can search the NSF database to learn more about what type of protection a particular model is certified against. Water filter labels also often indicate the contaminants that are being reduced, which can help guide your choice. Be sure to read the labels carefully and verify the manufacturer's claims with an independent source, as not all sales representatives know your needs. Each of the four AFe air filters is designed to different specifications depending on performance, comfort and driving conditions. Before purchasing, you should check the instructions and read the small print on the filter packaging to make sure it fits your needs. Determining the make and model of your pool filter is mandatory information if you are looking for replacement parts or want to replace the entire filter.

We offer universal, custom-made, or original equipment replacement (OER) air filters that fit in the original air box. In addition to the purchase and installation price of the system, consider the cost, schedule, and ease of maintenance, such as changing filter cartridges. When you buy air filters, you'll see words like “nominal size” and “actual size” together. If an air filter is too small, air gaps will be created and contaminants will bypass the filter material. If you have a Trane Xb tue1c100a481ab with a resolution of 20×24 but no indication of what type of filter it is, you'll have to measure it to get an exact size. The nominal size is 21x22x1 but this may not be accurate.

To ensure that you get a replacement that fits properly, measure your current filter before purchasing a new one. In addition to air conditioning filters, there are also pool filters, which come in many different sizes and types. Replacement pool filter cartridges for swimming pools are available in universal, custom-made or original equipment replacement (OER) models. Instructions for cleaning filter cartridges and information about different types of pool filters can also be found online.

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