What Type of Warranty Comes with a New Air Filter Replacement?

When it comes to replacing an air filter, maintenance items will not void the warranty, so it is safe to use one that matches the manufacturer's original equipment number. Unfortunately, it is not possible to test an air filter to see if it performs as well as the original equipment. An extended warranty is an option that covers the cost of repairs if an automobile component, part, or system fails. For air filters, there are several branded aftermarket providers such as FRAM, MANN, Purolator and WIX. When it comes to spare parts like air filters that can help prevent internal damage to the engine, it is important to use parts of the same type and quality.

For European brand vehicles with long oil filter change intervals, it is best to order the filter from the original equipment; this way, the manufacturer cannot claim that you have voided the warranty by using an unsuitable replacement part. It is important to note that when replacing an air filter, you should always use a filter of the same type and quality as the original equipment. This will ensure that your warranty remains valid and that your engine is protected from any potential damage caused by a substandard replacement part. In addition, you should always check with your vehicle's manufacturer before purchasing a new air filter. This will ensure that you are getting a filter that meets their specifications and will not void your warranty.

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